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5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace

67% of Americans say they received ZERO appreciation at work in the last year. At the same time, managers think they do a good job at appreciating their employees. It’s like they are not speaking the same language! At work, people express and receive appreciation in different ways. If you try to express appreciation in ways that aren’t meaningful to your co-workers, they may not feel valued at all. In The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, you will learn to speak to people in their language of appreciation and make your message resound with them.


CAPTIVATE: Creating Powerful PresentationsMan at podium giving presentation

Presentations dominate our lives from a summer blockbuster movie to the bad PowerPoint deck in yesterday’s team meeting. With our success and message on the line, we jam slides full of text and tiny charts that no one can read. We do this so much, the term “death by PowerPoint” is known across the business landscape. Stop torturing yourself and your audience! In this three day workshop, you will learn the skills to design a presentation that will connect with and inspire your audience to action. LEARN MORE…


Flower growing in a dry river bed of cracked clayFINDING RESILIENCE

We all face hardships and troubles in this world; it is part of life. Developing the ability to bounce back quickly is a key factor in finding success in both business and in life. This two-day workshop focuses on years of research on resilience and how the best overcome the emotional tidal wave that can come with a huge setback and move forward quickly. Focusing on ten key factors, we step through the process of recovery and teach you to become one of the best at resilience.


Two straps being held together by a carabiner that reads importantThe important things

Saying the world we live in today is a fast-paced place is a huge understatement! There are constant things begging, beeping, buzzing, ringing, and screaming for our attention every minute of every day. What is worse is the actual expectation that we need to be connected to it constantly. The Important Things, a one day workshop, focuses on not getting more done, but getting the important things done to keep us happy and fulfilled.


Three businessmen meeting and looking at a laptop screenMeeting Excellence

Do your meetings empower and inspire your team or do they look more like nap time where your employees check out and simply nod along? Many, far too many actually, fall into the second category. This truly effects how your business performs! Meetings should be an interactive sharing of ideas and thoughts. Learn how to turn your meetings around and change the way your business communicates. Packed with simple, yet transformative steps, Meeting Excellence can bring your team and business to the next level.


Arm pressing a button on laptop and emails flying out of screenMicrosoft Outlook Productivity

Outlook is the most used and most powerful communication tool we have in business. Yet, so many business people think of it as “that email software.” However, it is so much more! When used to its full potential, Microsoft Outlook can help you do more and be more productive in your life. In this four hour workshop, we will focus on the hidden gems within Outlook that can spur your productivity and help you prioritize your life.


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Mindfulness for Business

Study after study shows how mindfulness and meditation improve your ability to focus, creative thinking, and increase your enjoyment at work and in life. It is used in top companies around the world to give their employees and leaders the competitive edge. In this one day workshop, you will learn the reasons behind meditation quickly becoming a mainstream business tactic as well as how to meditate to unlock your full potential.


Wood man walking up stairs with a leader's hand as the last step to lift him upMotivating to Win

As a leader, one of your key functions is to motivate and inspire your team. Research has shown that a motivated team outperforms others time and time again. So how do you motivate your team and keep them running at their peak performance? This is an issue that has stumped many leaders over the years. In this one day workshop, you will learn the science behind why motivation works and how to use it to encourage your team.


Five people waiting for their interview with resumes in hand.Successful Interviews

Getting the right job is important for anyone. Once you find it, the stressful part is the interview. Many people trip up when asked difficult questions or just don’t know how to answer them properly. For one full day, we will teach you the way to approach your interview, how to react and answer tough questions, and how to make yourself the best candidate in the recruiters’ eyes. You will also have two mock 20-minute interviews to practice your new skills.


Woman holding up her resume and smilingSuccessful Resumes

A sister workshop to Successful Interviews, Successful Resumes teaches you how to land the interview of your dreams. Most companies let a computer comb through the dozens and even hundreds of resumes to find candidates that will fit the best with the needs of the job. We will teach you how to meet the requirements of the computer filter, get noticed by the recruiter, and land the interview.


Red question mark in a field of white question marksCustom Designed Workshops

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